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"It Begins" and recording again with Budapest Scoring 

I had another recording session with Budapest Scoring again this week (September 9), which resulted in a 90 second piece titled "It Begins". The inspiration for the music was a montage scene depicting a bunch of assassins getting ready for a big hit. This time around, we got the full orchestra except the string section, and we got EIGHT horns in the brass section, which gave an opportunity to do something a little more epic.

Check out the music under the Music link in the menu above (renamed "The Dark Order")


Thanks Julie Bélanger Roy! 

Julie Bélanger Roy, violinist and singer for the symphonic metal band Gone in April, had this to say about my new recording "Gloaming on the Moors":

"Gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the atmosphere and the beautiful, heart-wrenching line!"

Recording live again 

I recorded with Budapest Scoring again this week, a hybrid piece titled "Gloaming on the Moors". It's a darker piece with a more romantic Gothic 19th Century. You can find it in the site wide music player now and also on the Music page. 


Live Recording with Budapest Scoring 

On June 20, 2020, via the Master of Music program at Berklee Online, I had the distinct pleasure of recording an original piece of music with Budapest Scoring, who are based in Budapest, Hungary. It was a remote session, the orchestra recorded while I listened in via Source Connect and sent notes to the conductor via text chat.

The piece I recorded was an action chase theme I titled "The Chase Begins" and can be heard on the music player below or on the Music page

Berklee Online article on the experience I shared with the other members of my cohort:

And highlighted this quote of mine: